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  • Dean Goss

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    I have an MFA from East Carolina University and a BFA from Ohio State University. My love affair with art started in High School. Almost all of my work experience has been related to art: picture framer, cabinet maker, production potter, teacher. This variety of art related work, the desire to continue to learn, and the ability to "think outside the box," has allowed me to be well versed in many ceramic techniques.

    My current work includes hand-built and wheel-thrown pieces and the continual search for the "perfect" finishing technique.

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  • Anita Garfein

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    I love clay in all its infinite possibilities, textures and colors. I love looking at the work of all potters and sensing their hands and voices, past and present. I love shaping an amorphous lump of clay into a new form, treasuring both the acts of creation and organization. A self-trained potter, I spent ten years exploring clay avenues from raku to porcelain, from sculpture to mugs. At this time I am firmly settled into the life of a functional potter, working in high fired stoneware.

    I get inspiration from the vibrant forms and hues of Colorado’s mountains and all the dry land country of the west. These I love, and this is reflected in my work. I use strongly contrasting glazes to achieve a lively, colorful effect. I want my pottery to look and feel good and to provide pleasure and grace to everyday life.

    My work life is divided pretty evenly between production in my home studio and glazing and high-firing at Castle Clay Studio in Denver. This division provides a good mix of solitude and contact with other clay artists.

    I reside with my family and cat in Littleton, Colorado.

    Anita's work is available in the following galleries:

    Studio 8369
    1117 Grand Lake Ave.
    Grand Lake, CO

    Made in Colorado Shoppe
    2105 Eagle Dr.
    Pagosa Springs, CO

    Shadow Mountain Gallery
    28116 Hwy 74, Suite 2
    Evergreen, CO

    Stonehenge Gallery
    514 6th Street
    Georgetown, CO

    La Veta Gallery on Main
    210 S. Main Street
    La Veta, CO

    Aspen and Evergreen Gallery
    356 E. Elkhorn Ave, Apt 1
    Estes Park, CO

    Get Real Bazaar
    306 S. Main Street
    Breckenridge, CO

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  • Lynn Hull

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    Lynn enjoys creating things and has always had a craft project going, even at a very young age. Her family went from suburbia to a small farm, to owning and operating an ice cream store, and then running a newspaper in New England. Lynn discovered clay during her junior year of college while out carousing one evening; throwing her first pot on a kick wheel with clay from a slop bucket. She was hooked. Before graduating with a BS in Business Administration she was able to enroll in two ceramics classes. Wanting to learn more, she became a potter's apprentice for three years at Santa Fe Pottery in Denver, Colorado. She joined Castle Clay, a pottery co-op, in Denver in 1990 where she honed her skills and  developed an eye for aesthetics. About 6 years ago, Lynn started teaching, discovering much to her delight just how much she loved sharing the joy of pottery with her students. Lynn strives to make beautiful, unique, well crafted pieces that can be used and appreciated every day.

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  • Jan Klimper

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  • James McLellan

    Facebook: @jamesmclellanceramics

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  • Patti Murtha
    Associate Member

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    Instagram: @pattiwithtwoeyes

    A potter whose aesthetic is organic and rustic, Patti loves the collaboration with the kiln goddess. She has been working in clay for nearly a decade, starting out as a thrower and soon after discovering the zen of handbuilding. These days she often loves to combine the two and add texture to her pieces.  

    "Making mud functional" is how she often describes what she does - preferring to make art that people can interact with in their everyday lives. She is inspired by nature where colors are rarely uniform and things are almost never perfectly symmetrical.

    In addition to being a ceramicist, she is a theater professional who works as an actor, director, and playwright. It's that background that gives her a love for pottery that looks like it has a story to tell.


    Please contact Patti for inquiries about purchasing her work.
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  • Bruce Neale

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    As an artist, I am inspired by the canyon lands of southern Utah and northern Arizona. I consider this to be the most beautiful area in the world. The beauty and texture of these canyon walls and the surrounding land are reflected in my work. I am also inspired by the human form with its infinite variations.

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  • Shane Porter

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    Web site:


    Artist Statement

    In college I studied History, with minors in Anthropology and Art. It was in these classes where I was first introduced to the art of pottery from the historic and archaeological records. However, I was unable to find space in the ceramics courses, so my artistic concentration became metal-smithing.

    After graduation, I found myself in need of a hobby, so I enrolled in a community center pottery program. I quickly fell in love with the clay, read up, and learned as much as I could about it, took as many workshops as I could, and worked for a potter in exchange for studio space. As such, I have learned how to work in clay in either a very traditional, or a very non-traditional manner—depending on how you look at it. I don’t have a degree in clay which has become the traditional route. Instead, I have put myself through a somewhat makeshift modern equivalent of an apprenticeship. Any claims to being self-taught, however, would be unfair to the many and varied people and resources from whom I have acquired my knowledge.

    For the past five years I have worked primarily in clay, but I also like to work in wood, metal, and glass. My ultimate desire will be to begin combining these materials in comprehensive designs. I also tend to treat my designs in clay much as I would if they were made of wood or metal. I have been known to cut dovetails in clay or apply metal fasteners in my pieces.

    My strongest influences would have to be based in my interest in history and archaeology. A viewer will easily notice the traditional forms and decorations of many cultures, ancient and modern, in my work.

    Selected Group Exhibitions
    2005 "International Teapot Conference and Exhibition” Yixing, China
    2005 "National Teapot Show VI" Creedmore, NC
    2005 "Big Fish, Small Pot II" Mission Viejo, CA
    2006 "From the Earth" Lakewood, CO
    2006 "Craft Forms 2006" Wayne, PA
    2007 "100 Teapots III" Baltimore, MD
    2008 "Colorado Clay" Golden, CO

    Public Collections
    Yixing Ceramics Museum, Jiangsu Province, China

    Corporate Collections
    Goldberg Financial Advisors
    Heath and Associates, Architecture

    2006 Kate Bailey "Tea Time" article Colorado Homes & Lifestyles (May)

    2005 Best of Show, Commonwheel Artists 31st annual Arts & Crafts Festival, Manitou Springs, CO
    2005 Best of Show, Lakewood Arts Festival, Lakewood, CO
    2006 Merit Award, "From the Earth" South Union Gallery, Lakewood, CO
    2008 Juror’s Award, "Colorado Clay" Golden, CO

    Related Activities
    2003-06 Apprentice, Macy Dorf Stoneware, Denver, CO
    2005 Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute Artist Residency Program, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, China
    2005-13 Instructor, Bicentennial Art Center, Aurora, CO
    2005-07 Instructor, The Trails Recreation Center, Arapahoe County, CO

    BA, Colorado State University, 1994 

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  • Shelley Schreiber

    E-mail Contact:

    Web Site:



    Artist Statement:
    Several years ago I visited a contemporary Japanese porcelain exhibit entitled "Quiet Clarity." That concept holds special meaning for me, as it communicates what I want to express through my artwork. It represents harmony between the physical materials, critical thinking and inner contemplation.

    As I straddle the fence between sculptural and functional objects, my emphasis is on form and gesture. I use thrown and hand-built components to create compositions that, while they evoke simplicity and refinement, belie underlying complexity and depth.

    Form is of utmost importance. I hope that others feel and see that my work is made with thoughtfulness and reflection, that it is expressive and enduring and that layers and overtones are revealed over time.

    Shelley's work is available by contacting her directly at the e-mail address above and in the following galleries:

    Plinth Gallery
    3520 Brighton Blvd.
    Denver, Colorado 80216

    A Gallery Fine Art
    73956 El Paseo
    Palm Desert, California 92260

    Shelley teaches and is the ceramics studio manager at the Art Students League of Denver.  Course information is available at

    Not For Sale
  • Emily Stevens

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    Web Site:



    I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in both Business Administration and Studio Art from the University of Vermont. While in art school I primarily explored creating 3D art from recycled and found goods. Much of  my art during this time was influenced from my love of Pop Art and the Golden Ratio. There are still hints of these past explorations found in my ceramics today. When creating a new piece I always measure out the form to be some proportion of the Golden Ratio, and occasionally I'll add some element of surprise to an otherwise clean and modern shape.


    While striving for uniformity there is a touch of uniqueness in each piece that shows it is handmade. In my ceramics I explore the use of texture, color, and platonic solids by hand-building each piece through slab work. This attention to detail brings together a piece that is both function and art.

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