Who could have imagined that two guys digging for clay near Castle Rock in the 1960's were laying the groundwork for one of Colorado's most vibrant co-ops? Henry Meade and his partner supplied clay to the Denver Public Schools then. Now, some 40 years later, Castle Clay Artists Inc. provides a working environment for close to members and associate members in an industrial Denver neighborhood.


After inhabiting rented facilities for many years, we converted the warehouse we now own into studio spaces, with separate areas for bisque firing and glazing. Our kiln yard includes eight gas kilns - six Cone 10 Reduction kilns, one soda kiln, one Raku kiln.


Outside of our cooperative building, we organize three sales each year - one as Castle Clay Artists - and we own and sponsor two Denver Potters Association sales. Many people plan ahead to attend our sales, since they take place on the same weekends each spring and fall. We and our guest artists look forward to these events and the direct contact and feedback from our customers that we exchange there.


As in any organic system, it is the synthesis of the creative energy generated by individual members that keeps the group stretching artistically and as a community. We celebrate our diversity, our unity, and our growth, keeping in mind that this journey began with hands in earth. And so it continues...


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