The Denver Potter's Association is an ever-changing community of artists who come together biannually to participate in one of the finest arts and craft sales in the Rocky Mountain area. Despite it's name, the group is not limited to those who make only vessels or ceramic sculpture, but includes an all-encompassing group of artists working in mediums of wood, glass, jewelry, metal, and more.


The Denver Potter's Association show and sale is owned and organized by Castle Clay Artists, a Denver artists cooperative. Many of our members participate in the show and we invite guest artists from the Denver metro area to show their work.  The semi-annual sales events are celebrations of Spring and Winter, the former of which takes place on Mother's Day weekend, and the latter just after Thanksgiving. Both sales are located at the Sixth Avenue United Church in Denver, Colorado.


Please send us an e-mail with your contact information through our Guestbook if you would like to receive notice of our sales.